Blackwater River, WV | Frank Gebhard
Blackwater River, WV | Frank Gebhard
West Virginia

Blackwater River

It would be a grave mistake on the part of the West Virginia Division of Highways and Federal Highway Administration, and a major disservice to local communities, to threaten the Blackwater River and simultaneously hinder the growth of the thriving outdoor recreation economy in this area. To those who know and love Tucker County—the Blackwater Canyon is the heart and soul of this region.

Olivia Miller, Program Director of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy

Threat: Highway Construction

West Virginia’s Blackwater River headwaters in the Canaan Valley–and Blackwater Falls State Park–are a beloved recreational and scenic treasure, and a popular destination for wildlife and nature lovers, boaters, cyclists, hikers, skiers, hunters and fishers. But the Blackwater is at risk. The current state-proposed route for a major four-lane “Corridor H“ highway complex would divide local communities and cross sensitive headwater streams, destroy delicate habitat, and pollute key tributaries. Take action now to save the Blackwater and urge the State and Federal Highway Administration to mandate an alternative Northern Route.

American Rivers appreciates the collaboration and efforts of our partners:
  • Friends of the Blackwater
  • WV Rivers Coalition
  • WV Highlands Conservancy
  • ABRA Conservation Hub
  • WV ECouncil
  • Sierra Club, West Virginia Chapter
  • Go North Corridor H Alliance