Tijuana River, CA | Courtesy of ThisisCA.com
Tijuana River, CA | Courtesy of ThisisCA.com

Tijuana River

It’s no longer a matter of avoiding the water to stay safe. The pollution has become so inundated that it’s now in the air, it’s in people’s homes, schools, and places of work.  It’s impacting every aspect of community life.

Sarah Davidson, Surfrider Foundation

Threat: Pollution

The Tijuana River Watershed, ancestral and current homeland of the Kumeyaay Nation and home to millions of people on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border is steeped in rich multicultural identities. The river joins the Pacific Ocean at beautiful beaches that were once frequented by families, swimmers, and surfers but are now choked with pollution, limiting coastal access and causing serious threats to public health. Congress and the Biden Administration must take decisive and immediate action to address the crisis in the Tijuana River Watershed by fully funding the solutions needed to restore a clean and safe environment for the affected communities

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