The Little Pee Dee River is not just a body of water; it’s a vital lifeline to our ecosystem, our heritage, and our future. As stewards of this precious resource, we must take a stand to ensure its preservation. Development, particularly the proposed construction of I-73, threatens the integrity of this river and the delicate balance of its ecosystem.

Debra Buffkin, Executive Director of Winyah Rivers Alliance

Threat: Highway Development

The Little Pee Dee River, situated primarily in the upper coastal plain of South Carolina, is recognized as one of the Southeast’s most unique blackwater rivers, holding remarkable value for people and wildlife. Along its 118-mile course are miles of forested wetlands, which provide a critical habitat for endangered species of fish and wildlife. The river has remained mostly untouched by development, but the looming threat of highway development and poor resource management puts this river, and the communities that depend on it, at risk. Tell the South Carolina legislature to deny funding for the construction of I-73 and pass legislation to protect wetlands no longer covered under the Clean Water Act.

American Rivers appreciates the collaboration and efforts of our partners:
  • Winyah Rivers Alliance
  • Waccamaw Indian People
  • Coastal Conservation League